Post Vacation- The next trip is in my head



I/ we are back from Montreal. I had a great time!

I ate this….

and I saw my first…..

Marmott! ! Almost a beaver, but without the cool large flat tail.

So back to reality for me.

I really wanted to move to Montreal for a few days but honestly its not a reasonable aspiration until I find a new french boyfriend.

So I took some time to think ok if I am going to stay in BC what does that look like? Well let me tell you!

-Applying for College

-Doing testing to get into said College

-Saving for said College

….And in possibly three short years I could get a Accounting Diploma! ( 2 year program and 2 Coops as long as I get good grades!)

..And a bit of student debt… (maybe a lot…?)

But I am glad to have decided on something and to move forward!!!

So I set out some goals to do with me being sucessful/ maybe targets is more appropriate.

Goals/ targets! 

-get fixed schedule to work around school/ upgrading (might need new job)

-if new job needed find one that includes some Accounting…

-update resume and create a cover letter default…. [old resume so out of date and I haven’t written a cover letter since ugh…. 2004/2005 ?]

-initial goal… save up 3k for 50% of first 4 months living expenses plus 25% of total 2 year tuition aprox 1 term (Goal should be achieved by Aug 5)

-continue saving to move in Feb 2011 to a more affordable place close to school…. yes Cambie I am looking at you + your oh so fast skytrain….

-estimates for school supplies needed (evaluate what I have) plus determine cost of textbooks per term

-make appointment with adviser since I can’t find upgrading info on school site

-start practicing English writing skills and my math skills… yeah fractions! I am hoping there is a app or two…



Procrastination in picture form

hurt of procrastination

I keep struggling with the same things…. almost like the lesson in CAP about the spokes of the bicycle wheel…… trying to keep everything balanced.

I think It is just hard….. hard to live, work, eat well, study, and have a social life oh and squeeze in some exercise in there too!  Oh and I am planning a vacation that is 20 days away. So far I have only booked our flight and contacted people we would like to visit and made a list of places we want to see / do. This leaves a lot to plan, to budget, to enjoy and finally to dream about… once accommodations are finally booked!  I also need some humid/ hot friendly clothing since we never usually experience that level of heat on this coast. Maybe I just need to get excited, instead of turning into my Mom when she is stressed…. I haven’t learned to handle it better than her….. yet.




5 things I am doing right.

  • Rocking delicious salads for lunch daily with my own salad dressing.
  • Creating awesome food for dinner most nights.
  • Keeping up with my fruits/ veggies so nothings wasted (I don’t know how I am managing to do this!)
  • Getting outside every day for at least one of my breaks/ lunches to enjoy the weather as long as it is not raining.
  • Being frugal, I am trying to stretch our dollars to ensure we can have some serious fun on our first WeHaveMoneyAndNoLongerStudentsOrBrokeGoingOnFamilyTrips

5 things I still need to work on.

  • Getting my Accounting class done. Overly Procrastingating on this over here BADLY
  • Getting up in the morning, I like to sleep too much and I am really wasting my mornings on my days off.
  • Cooking and freezing batch meals so I have easy stuff to make without resorting to store bought frozen stuff when I could make my own!
  • Finding a Family doctor. I feel like I have a to do list of things I need to check up on.
  • Getting my bike tuned up so I can use it and enjoy our lovely weather before it starts raining ALL the time again.
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Banana bread Day 2 of Valentines! /life after fire update.

February 2, 2011 1 comment

This morning I started day 2 of 14 days of Valentines!

I was surprised at how cheap the ingredients are, and after all things considered the biggest expense was the Real Vanilla Extract which I will definitely use again. Life feels like it is returning to normal, I am trying to work on my goals of being healthy, happy and motivated. I have found a program for book keeping which could get me started quite quickly on my idea of opening up my own book keeping company in 1-2 years. The good side of the program is the classes are usually nights or weekends and only 6-8 sessions to commit to.

Life after the fire now that a month has passed seems different, new, easier but complicated. We are getting our first cheque in the mail soon which covers our meals and accommodations while we were hotel-ing. Its hard to describe what its like going through this journey with my boyfriend at my side.  He is like a shield to the anxiety I would have felt going through this experience alone. It feels like together we make up two paddlers in a canoe sharing the task of moving us forward and compensating when the other falters. Together we rebuild a home, excited to move forward while remembering we are so lucky to come out of this with belongings and each other safely.

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what a long hiatus

flower at a bird watching swap, Nanaimo

Life feels quite busy, and draining right now… I am working on my goals and some are collecting dust… but here is how it looks

Family/ Friends:

  • Met my new baby cousin on my Moms side, hung out with cousin J, his Finance M, Aunt C, and Cousin M in Nanaimo
  • Had a great walk, talk and lunch with my good friend S, in Nanaimo… she currently lives in Grand Prarie, AB, so it was great timing that we were able to connect
  • Had a amazing breakthrough visit with my family 2-3 weeks ago, long trip to Victoria for the day and actually talked and visited with my Dad, which hasn’t happened for about 2 years. We actually talked.. no you should be doing this not that, no I think you shouldn’t have moved to Vancouver… no guilt trips… just a good all around visit! I think this is in part due to my goal to follow through with intentions as well as possible.. that I show up when I say I will, and give them the full undivided attention they seek. Was all around a great visit, had some great mother daughter time, brother sister time and a little everyone all together time. I really don’t think I could have picked a better day or had the day turn out any better.

Travel/ Camping:

  • Whidby Island, WA. Aj and I took off and loved the coastal views and the dense forests that reminded us of home… I seem to be a sucker for sand dunes, or bars I really don’t know why! They even have a drive in movie theatre in Oak Harbour, WA…. We climbed all over the old Fort Casey displays and checked out the Light House. Deception Pass was an amazing bridge, never seen anything like it! Got some great deals at Walmart, stocked up on some kid-friendly stuff for our niece S to create stuff with when she comes to visit… she was so sad when she came over last that we had no “toys”. Got some amazing deals on camping gear so we can cook up a storm anywhere and upgraded to a larger cooler for more than just day trips. I found some large jelly fish close to the shore and enjoyed fighting the waves as they licked at my sandals so I could get good pictures of the jelly fish dancing with the waves. Overall toons of free stuff to do, and even free busses up and down the Island if you wanted to leave the car at the campsite and wander.
  • Harrison Lake, BC. I loved the lake it was so clear and was so fun to chill out on inflatable mattresses to help keep myself cool, it was extremely hot and unfortunately there was no shade whatsoever so I felt like I had heatstroke quite a few times! I tried the game Mexican train for the first time with coloured dominoes, I loved it. I couldn’t believe we drove for so long down the logging road to reach this campsite but it was fun.
  • Im in the process of booking holidays for a Birthday casino trip to Laughlin, NV with Ajs grandma I am so excited. I think it will be so much fun getting away for a few days and spending time with his grandma she is so entertaining and warm.
  • Were planning another camping trip around the end of August when I have another weekend off, now that Saturdays off are rare for me, no idea where we are going, as most places are booked up as usual.. I want to go to the USA again and enjoy the Container store, William Sonoma, Bath beauty and beyond, and other fun places where I have household I want’s selected 😀

Some things I haven’t started but soon….

  1. Enrolling in High school upgrading, the major annoying feels like I will never finish but if I never start I never will complete! Also apply for Accounting diploma program.
  2. Taking a intro to sword fighting class, Aj is pumped about this, I like to think it will be like fencing which I would love to try.
  3. Paddle boarding I want to try it out in sunny English bay
  4. Kayaking in Deep Cove in North Vancouver…. I hear its awesome over there.
  5. Finish and submit my way overdue taxes, & start on payments of taxes owed.
  6. Find and enroll in some kind of yoga or yoga and pilates to help me chill out! This new job is feeling like a heavy weight against my chest, I need to find my happy place!
  7. Make a schedule or routine to help me get stuff done and enjoy my week, other than just the weekend… and get some exercise in there!
  8. Start reading more books
  9. Start tracking where and how I am spending my money and get my debt paid off once and for all!
  10. Write more here or in a real journal.


Well my last post I said I would do this more 🙂
well I have been very absent and I hope to change that!
A few updates….

I have moved!
I have 53% of my debt left to repay on my credit card.
(???) owed to CRA. (need to update once I GST chq$/ when my 2009 return are completed) (Less than 800 bux)

I found out that my new house has a bikrams yoga super close, and a cheaper rate to boot ( for intro/ packs of classes… )

Also near new house, adult education center, so I can get those upgrade classes hammered away without having to apply/ get accepted to college that is sooo not close to my house.

Started using Quicken again to track spending etc. hope to try to keep a controlled spending model/ pay down my debt. Right now I am looking at June/ July as a conservative estimate, but who knows.

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falling off the face…

December 29, 2009 Leave a comment

As the end of the year comes to the final show… I reflect.

I feel like I have grown a lot. toons. maybe even more than 19-20 taking into account traveling the world & moving to the big city round 1.

I have realized five things about myself:

1. I am deeply afraid of some simple things, including finding a new job.

2. I really suck at keeping in touch with people I do not see frequently, I must do something about this.

3. I don’t totally suck at budgeting. I just need to keep the mighty $ at the front of my mind sometimes, more so often 🙂

4. Somewhat a repeat of #3  but for the first time in a few good years I am saving up for things, expensive or not so much, ahead of time, and not putting it on the Mean Green Machine.

5. I am grateful for the group of people I have found and “stuck” to over the year I have been here…

5.5 I need to think of something to do, and follow through with it… my follow through sucks. Maybe Im 80% dreamer, 20% follow through. But I have been thinking about my intentions, and how much work or how little work it takes to just follow through with something you say, or choose to do. I frankly spend 90% of my energy worrying about this or that thing I wanted to do but didn’t or the bus I wanted to catch… I just have to will it harder to happen and its a lot less stress. I think part of this comes from choosing between item 1 and 2.. which one is more important, and being willing to say “no.”

As the year comes to a close, so does 1 year at my West end apt… Its bittersweet. I enjoy where I live and a neighbour who is passing through the doors one last time on the 30th … so no more tarot nights or random makeup / makeovers. It also means I need to be more comfortable in MY space. there is no where to escape to when my place feels too tight, too stale, or too messy.

Oh, and im getting my ASS in gear to go to some school like thing. I am seriously climbing the WALLS WITHOUT NEW/ SOME EDUCATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My absence!

September 27, 2009 Leave a comment

Well I forgot and or lost  a few things I use to be connected to the internet…

(blue tooth connector) which gives me wireless internet wherever my laptop, phone and I are…

My power cord for my phone… hello usb cord for charging!

I got really sick, like pass out when i get home sick..

I thought I was about to have a exploding ear infection so I went and figured out that I lost my care card, and debit card… and paid 40$ to see a doctor… only to find out I have or had a virus. which i had other things to ask about, which I still have not dealt with but alas. You never remember everything you need to ask for every time you go in, unless you make a list!

I really need to be allergy tested again, and determine if im having a milk allergy or if its like a IBS kinda deal. I felt way better for the few days I drank soymilk in my coffee @work instead of creme or heated milk in my overpriced starbuk bevy.

anyhow.. what did I do in the last weeks since I updated.. roughly 2 weeks I think?

Sold my skim board! ++75 bucks. sad to see it go but I don’t use it and I made some Vancouver skim boarder really happy!

Cleaned & re-arranged my living space soooooooo much! (still lots to do but as its never ever ending!)

posted some other stuff on the good ol’ Craigslist..

committed to giving my drawer bucket ish ikea set to my boyfriends ma!

Im going to go through my shoes, as well as work on getting some new ones. I tried on a version of these, so cheap $50… but I need a 8.5 not a 8, like the ones on sale *tear*

uhm made a start at a portfolio for photographs to eventually get me into photo school, which has me humming and hawing. I feel like buying a better camera/ lenses would be so expensive, but I should try to be more open to it? Maybe i want to be more multimedia artist than just photographer. I like the idea of making / designing themes and websites. Maybe I should work more towards that? I am not sure. I should test out some programs for that… god knows i have some peeps who are wanting me to work on theirs/ make them one or two!

6 things i need to focus on…

  1. Backing up my photos that are unsaved other than on my laptop.
  2. research the ‘elimination diet’ aka figure out what your reacting to
  3. getting more exercise. Like really! im sluggish!
  4. wanting to go back to school/ what/ when/ rules/ apply/ costs/ living expenses… etccc
  5. budgeting better and tracking where i am spending my money. Im ignoring that stuff, I have no idea if im staying within my budget, but I am using all debit card, or was until I lost it!
  6. Where or what I want to do career wise. I keep living month to month waiting for my benefit using to be my ‘end-point’ at this job.. but honestly it doesn’t have to be. but if it is I need a plan of whats next, and what I should make sure I gain while I am still here.. doing what I do for the company I work for now.
  7. Visit the library for all kinds of inspiring books. I want to make lists of books i check out, which ones i actually read due to inspiration by this blog….
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